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Here is our Video on Disney Social Media Presence, presented by David O’Driscoll Hayden Doyle and Ronan Barry


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What I Have Learned From The NTFM Module


Well, the New Technology For Marketer (NTFM) module has finally come to an end and what a journey it was. Even from the first time I saw the module descriptor, I thought to myself that this module could be a module different to any other module and be worth taking,especially with rise of Digital Marketing in recent years ….and how I proved to be right.

It all started when our lecturer assigned the class with the weekly blog. This resulted in students researching the given topic and then blogging about it. The one thing that I found different from my other modules was that I could express my opinion and feelings towards the topic, which I hope was evident throughout my blogs, for example “Addicted to Twitter” and “The Filter Bubble”. The module has thought me how to blog….I hope anyway!

But the NTFM module was about much more than blogging. It thought me the importance of social media in marketing, using the usual social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube platforms but also the less popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ and how to use them effectively. It thought me that digital marketing is not just about getting “likes and shares” or “retweets”, it’s about engaging with the consumers.
Most importantly for me was it introduced me to social media websites that like Simplyzesty, Comscore, Searchengineland, and Ted just to name a few. I know check these websites daily to find out what is going on in the “real world”.

I genially enjoyed this module the most out of my time in C.I.T and if the opportunity arises to do a module like this in the future….I will certainly be doing it.

Check out this video on how technology could be used in the future.

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Addicted to twitter??

Everyday twitter followers are growing and are becoming more and more “addicted”. You may argue that this may be down to a lot of things, from the increasing use of smartphones and the improvements in technology and you’d be right. However, what is making Twitter so addictive is its ability to instantly connect, this maybe one of your friends or Justin Bieber but people are certainly getting “Hooked”.

But there is far more to twitter than the ability to connect. Undoubtedly, Twitter is fastest medium for news updates. Whilest I following the tragic Boston bombings, Twitter was my main source for updates, even one of the bombers was tweeting while on the run!!! Where else could you get this information??
This leads me onto the use of the “Hash tag” which is sneaking into normal life….people are now using it on other social media sites, even in some cases people are use it while talking in person(kind of weird). However, using the hash tag can sometimes lead to confusion, because as we all know at this stage…when using the hash tag it is all in one word. Because of this, many people believed that the Singer Cher had died and not in fact Margret Thatcher. The confusion arose when people tweeted #nowthatchersdead. This kind of confusion is often seen with hashtags. Just last year an album launch for Susan Boyle saw the unfortunate use of #susanalbumparty trending worldwide.

Is there any wonder how people get addicted to Twitter, England U-21 striker Marvin Sordell looked for help because of his addiction to Twitter. He was the kind of Twitter addict that sneakily checked his Twitter account while having a conversation with someone or felt compelled to check it, or half asleep in the middle of the night! That lie about the amount of times he spent on Twitter or checked his feed for mentions while sitting on the toilet! Are you the same?? Then perhaps you need help?

Check out this quiz to see if you really are addicted

Also, here is an interesting video depicting the dangers of tweeting too much.

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The Filter Bubble

What happens when I search the Internet.

I knew that Google and other major Search engines help the searcher based on location and other basic information but I always assumed it was me who dictates what I do and don not see however this is not the case because of the Filter Bubble.

How does the filter bubble actually affect us you may ask?

Well in a nutshell, its different results for different people!! You may think that this is ridiculous , if two random people Googled climate change then surely it should be the same! Well, not nessicarly, it depends on the type of person you are! John might get search results for information sites about climate change and Ann might get results for climate action sites. This is because results are tailored to who you are, based on you your search history and your click history!! Crazy I know!!

Ever wonder why you keep on seeing pages that you’ve already been on? Since you often click on things you agree with, you keep getting more and more of what you already agree with. For example if John and Mary were both to Google Barack Obama, the Irish times might be the first link for John whilst The Sun might be the first for Mary.
This has a major effect on what we are actually seeing!! Pages that we are not familiar with are being demoted further down to the “God help me why I still looking pages”! Are we missing out?? Is this the best source of information out there??

Google and co are not the only ones doing “the thinking” for us. Facebook is another that personalises pages. It realises who our friends are and shows the information first!

Eli Pariser stated this whole filter bubble as a huge problem!!

I for one think, these search engines should be more personalised!! When I use these search engines, I want what I like, I like rap music and Rugby, I don’t want to be listening to classical music and watching Curling!!
Some people feel this is a violation of people rights or whatever…..they don’t have to use these search engines! There out other search engines that don’t personalise for example DuckDuckGo, for some people, maybe it’s a time to switch?!

Check out this video to make up your own mind

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Is Facebook taking over our lives??

Is Facebook taking over our lives?? I think its more of a case of Facebook is our life!!
We are all aware of the social side of Facebook now if you’re not on Facebook then you must be one sheltered individual.
Facebook was just a place where teenagers could “hang out”! Now, even our parents are logging in!!! There are over 200 thousand Irish citizens between the ages of 45-65 on Facebook now and this is rapidly increasing.

Not to mention Businesses using Facebook as their main tool for advertising. Everywhere we go now, where getting bombbared with “like this & share that” from businesses trying to promote their product or service. The day Facebook went public was the day that Facebook took a step further step to world domination!! Are you surprised that Facebook wants to enter the online banking business? Or become an online stock trader? Or be a place where you can find your next job? Or let you share all your musical likes? Or be your local movie theatre? It really has taken over our lives!!

I know I may have painted the picture that I’m not a fan of Facebook however I really am. I am the kind of person who doesn’t even log out. It is not just for the “banter” with friends its more than that, when looking for a business, my first port of call is to visit their Facebook page, I now use arguably one of the fastest growing search engines before I do anything.! But for me, why I really love Facebook is to be able to be in constant contact with someone on the other side of the world!!

Now a days, there are three things certain in life; Death, taxes and Facebook!

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App is dead…..Long live mobile

App is dead….long live mobile.

Hello People

Some people believe that this may be a controversial statement to make but is it really?? M commerce is taking the world by storm, the digital world that is… whether we like it or not. Would you believe there are approximately 6.5billion mobile devices circulating the world and by 2016 there will be more phones than people?? Mobile phones are becoming a way of life….now a day’s people before they leave their homes check that they have the necessaries; phone, wallet and keys, it has come to the stage where people could not imagine leaving without their phone. It’s funny to think that this era only started back in 1999 when Nokia released the first phone with WAP. Now with 1 billion iPhones in the globe it’s fair to say mobiles are not a dying breed. Smartphones are now being purchased by the consumers who were previously frightened or resistant to technology….I think I fit in this category. I always strayed away from technology and smartphones but once I made the jump and purchased my first smartphone, I now wonder how I ever lived without it!! It’s becoming the norm to use phones shopping e.g “Showrooming with a staggering 53% of people admitting to have done this, while 83% of people admitted to using their smartphone to research a product or service.

You may think yes, all good points but how are apps dead with the Facebook app being used by millions of people every day and it finished top of the list for smartphone apps which were then followed by five Google apps. Not to mention some of the more popular apps being used like the dating app Tinder. Well outside these popular apps, only 1 in 4 apps are used once and then never used again. The majority of apps are not engaging enough to survive whilst smartphones are booming hence Apps are dead….long live mobile.

Agree or disagree???

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